Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Projects Update!

Everything has been delivered and opened - now I can post the pics of all the gifts I made this year!
1 - little, tiny cupcake ornaments
2 - a cape for Preston, here it is in action
and this is what the back looks like (Super P!)
3 - an embellished cardigan for Kloe
with my attempt at matching socks (they looked better in my head)
4 & 5 - little plushy pals for Lexi & Lilly
with a little hand embroidery...
and buttons on yo-yos!
6 & 7 - a mom & daughter apron set for Betsy & Tori
Tori is modeling hers here - and I left in Dave's crazy face on purpose!
8 - an appliqued onesie for Elliot
9 - an awesome banner for Shelby!
it has LOTS of glitter!
and 10 - homemade sugar scrub :)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Oh my goodness Melanie- you were so busy!!! I love all of it- so hard to choose favorites! I think the Mom and daughter apron is adorable and the banner for Shelby is soooo cute- but I think I like Preston's cape the most-because how awesome is your own personal cape!!!