Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thanksgiving with family. We were so lucky this year to have a full house for Thanksgiving. Rhett, Charlotte & Bryce came from North Dakota to visit. Add the Fogles' (of course) and that equals a fun and maybe a little rambunctious day! I got lots of candid shots of crazy faces and laughs - I love it.

Bryce - checking out the food
Lexi & Riley coloring on the placemats
Rhett & I being goofy

Even Kloe is making crazy faces!
Chris & Rhett - fighting over who gets the first piece of pie?!
Kolbi & Justin - father, daughter moment.

Kolbi & Robby - smiling for the camera!
It's never a problem to get Kolbi & Lexi to pose.
This is Riley's dinner - soo picky.

A shot of me working on the food.
Awww - Kloe & Kolbi
Some rough housing on the trampoline!

Kolbi's fancy dinner.
The best group shot I got!
Steve is wearing a bow tie for the occasion.

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Kim said...

Everyone looks so happy-how wonderful to have so many to share the holiday with :)