Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Milestone

Kolbi is.... 15..... can you believe it???!!! I'm so sad, happy, worried, relieved, proud. It's too much, do you think it will be easier when Riley turns 15? I wonder, maybe it will be harder - o the horror, harder! I can't even think about it!

On to happier topics! We had an mini birthday party - mini decorations, mini hats, mini plates, mini cups, mini pizzas, mini marshmallows to dip in the {not mini} chocolate fountain. It was ADORABLE - if I do say so myself. The teens got a little out of control and made quite the mess but I think it's because Kolbi exudes a free spirit vibe and they think anything is a go, even chocolate all over the kitchen floor. It was messier than Lilly's 5 year old party! By the next day I had mopped my kitchen floor 3 times and it was finally starting to look better.

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Kim said...

happy birthday Kolbi! The mini party is so dang cute!!!