Saturday, December 12, 2009

O It's Almost Time For Our Elf!

This package arrived on the 1st!

It's from our Elf, Minty Tinsel Toes, you remember him from last year right?! Riley almost jumped out of his pants when he figured out who it was from. It was a set of advent calendars for Kolbi & Riley to count down the days until Minty arrives. Looks like we are in for some elf mischief starting on the 15th!

{check out her knowing smirk}

And the holiday festivities have totally begun. The night light parade has come and gone. It is full on snowing here and it feels like Christmas! I feel like the month is just slipping through my fingers but I'm trying hard not to let it. We are headed off to do the North Pole Express tonight and Riley will get to meet Santa at the North Pole! We've never been on a train ride so it should be exciting. Kolbi decided not to go -party pooper- so she is going to hang out with Grandma (after she gets off work). Ok, so finishing this post up with some shots from the parade :)
My camera battery died and Riley wouldn't pose for pics so I'm low on kid shots :(

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Kim said...

So cute! I love that in all of your photos your family looks so happy and filled with love. Everyone's christmas could use a Minty Tinsel Toes :)