Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Thankful Jar

We got some great 'thankfulls' from our jar project at Thanksgiving....

Among many others, these are my favorites:

I am thankful for Kolbi's sense of humor - Melanie
I am thankful for having two of my brothers here to spend Thanksgiving with - Nichole
I am thankful for the New Moon CD - Robby
I am thankful for my patient wife - Justin
We are thankful that we could come to Idaho and visit family - Rhett, Charlotte & Bryce
I am thankful for everything - Lexi
I am thankful for Rhett - Riley
I am thankful for my dad - Preston
I am thankful for black Friday - Nichole (I second that!)
I am thankful for chicken mcnuggets - Kolbi
I am thankful for Melanie & Nichole always taking pictures - Charlotte (I am glad someone is!)
I am thankful for Kolbi & Riley - Lilly
I am thankful that Chris is always here to entertain us - Melanie

I am so glad that we did this project this year. I have hung the garland up in my kitchen and will bring it out year after year. We thought of funny ones and touching ones and this might be my favorite decoration :)


Kim said...

I thought this was the best idea- thank you for sharing some of them with us! I think it would be my favorite decoration too! Hope you have a wonderful christmas!!!

angel said...

tears in my eyes!