Saturday, September 26, 2009

Filling Time with Cupcakes, Crafts and Visitors

Things are starting to settle around here. My sister and niece form North Dakota came to visit and see new baby Kloe. Then my nephew's wife, Charlotte and not-so-baby Bryce came in too. It was a busy two weeks and I'm so sad that I didn't take more pictures.
Shelby, Charlotte and Kloe
Here's Bryce exploring my kitchen floor! We hadn't seen him since he was so little and can't believe how much he's grown already.
I made some 'race track' cupcakes for my friend Aimee and they turned out so cute. Anyone planning a hot wheels party??!!
I volunteered to be the PTO vice president for Riley's school - my first job? Decorate the bulletin board, right up my ally! *Welcome banner totally just a version of the one I made for Kloe's baby shower!
Another PTO project! Treats to pass out at the parent night. 

So *whew* there's a lot on my plate. Work, kids, PTO, cleaning, cooking, husband, friends oh, and I wanted to work on getting my recent pictures scrapbooked! I'll be sure to share how on earth I'm going to do it all :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

We Are All About Football

No one has ever heard that come out of my mouth before. We are turning over a new leaf... on Tuesday we watch football, on Thursday we watch football and on Saturday we cheer on our favorite team at a football game. Ok, so it's Riley and his flag football team. We haven't gone completely sporty over here! This is our first sport since Kolbi tried out Soccer when she was little so it has been a while since I've sat at practices and attended Saturday games. But my game face is on and I am working on remembering the 'football terms' that are so foreign to me. 
Lexi & Riley are on the same team - she is the only girl!
We are so glad Chris is assistant coaching!
I love this shot - I think Lexi is saying 'you think you can take me?!'
Here's a collage of some game shots. They tied their first game and we were so surprised at how they all picked up the game so fast! The teams are all 1st and 2nd graders so for most of the kids this is their first year in football. I'm sure I'll have many more photos to share!

I've Been Put In My Place

pics taken 8/30/09
See this picture? Of this cute and sweet little boy? So proud of his GI Joe shirt that matches his GI Joe backpack that he even posed for a photo?! That is how the morning this picture was taken started. It was great - he was happy, I was happy - everyone happy. Well, 4:00 rolls around and I'm waiting to see his bus pull up so I can walk out to meet him. Now, I am not waiting at the bus stop like I did last year because I know that he told me I don't need to do that anymore. But as I see him walking I start walking to meet him...I say hi...I say how was your day...he says nothing. Finally I go dude - what is wrong? Riley's reply:

'Stay in the house. I am a big kid now and you don't need to meet me at the bus. I can walk home all by myself. You need to just stay in the house.'

Now I just watch him head home from inside. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How I Spent My Saturday

Finishing a long overdue project. That's how it began anyway...
I started this blanket a few months ago in hopes of giving it to Nichole at her baby shower. That didn't happen though. It sat, literally, half finished for about two months. Saturday morning I decided I'd finish it. 
I just love this chenille fabric, it so soft and perfect for a baby girl.
And I finished it! *Whew* 
About ten minutes after I finished the blanket and toy I got a text from Nichole...




I rounded up Kolbi and headed to their house. I decided to wait to be sure that they were admitted before running in with my camera in hand. A few hours later they were in and I was on my way!

Eventually, we welcomed....
Baby Kloe, born at 1:21am (so technically Sunday but whatever) weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and 100% ADORABLE.

Happy mom & dad :)

And happy me because I was there and got to soak up some of that new baby goodness.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Riley's First Day of School

Riley started 1st grade this year which means... ALL. DAY. SCHOOL.  I am torn, on one had, what in the world will I do with all this extra alone time?!! (I love me some alone time) On the other hand is he really ready to be in school all day long? What if he needs something and there is no one following him around asking him if he needs something?!!! (it's only kind of a joke)

So anyway - this is the beginning of 1st grade...
Waffles to start the day, it's one of his favorite breakfasts.
Once again, he insisted on taking the bus on the first day so here we are waiting for the bus.
So excited to see his driver from last year.
So then I drove to the school to take more pics. I had a freak out moment because he wasn't on the playgroud anywhere and the kids were all lined up already. I started walking around and finally found him heading towards his classroom coming from the opposite school entrance. That is why I drove to the school even though he took the bus in!
Already asking his teacher a question.
His own locker!
Getting ready to start his day.
Here he is on the way home, a little tired but happy. 
Showing off his super cool hat he colored.
Totally exhausted and ready to watch some cartoons. He said it was fun but wanted to take a break and watch his shows now. 

Kolbi's First Day Of School

Let me start out with - Kolbi is 14 now and not too excited to pose for first day of school pictures. This year she started High School... wow. Anyway I'm splitting the post for first day so that the difference between a freshman and a first grader is even more painfully obvious. 
I say - your outfit is so cute, stand here so I can get a picture! She says - no, it's way too early for pictures. And so I get a grumpy face pic. 
I try again - do a pose or something so I can get a better picture. She says - whatever.
cut to after school - can't get those shoes off quick enough

and... right onto the computer - welcome to the life of a teenager.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Baby Shower Post

I put a lot of work into the shower for Baby Kloe. There was some major worrying about Kloe getting here BEFORE the party, but *whew* that did not happen. I learned my lesson about planning a shower at least 1 FULL month before the due date! Anyway, I made some great decorations that I will for sure make at future parties. Here's the party in pictures...

mama of the day - Nichole
the banner (that will hang in the baby's room)

the spread
of course, pink, fuzzy punch
paper cupcakes
a little pre-party visit from the dad (he's totally stealing a croissant!)
He was there because I forgot to print one of the games & he came to the rescue with my laptop (pink to match the party of course - lol)

these tissue paper balls made the party & were easy to make
pinwheel favors for the guests. 

I just love an excuse for a pink party - too bad we don't have another expectant mom in our group! Most of my decorations were made with Cosmo Cricket Scrapbook Paper and I found the templates and tutorials for almost everything online.