Thursday, September 3, 2009

Riley's First Day of School

Riley started 1st grade this year which means... ALL. DAY. SCHOOL.  I am torn, on one had, what in the world will I do with all this extra alone time?!! (I love me some alone time) On the other hand is he really ready to be in school all day long? What if he needs something and there is no one following him around asking him if he needs something?!!! (it's only kind of a joke)

So anyway - this is the beginning of 1st grade...
Waffles to start the day, it's one of his favorite breakfasts.
Once again, he insisted on taking the bus on the first day so here we are waiting for the bus.
So excited to see his driver from last year.
So then I drove to the school to take more pics. I had a freak out moment because he wasn't on the playgroud anywhere and the kids were all lined up already. I started walking around and finally found him heading towards his classroom coming from the opposite school entrance. That is why I drove to the school even though he took the bus in!
Already asking his teacher a question.
His own locker!
Getting ready to start his day.
Here he is on the way home, a little tired but happy. 
Showing off his super cool hat he colored.
Totally exhausted and ready to watch some cartoons. He said it was fun but wanted to take a break and watch his shows now. 

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