Monday, September 21, 2009

We Are All About Football

No one has ever heard that come out of my mouth before. We are turning over a new leaf... on Tuesday we watch football, on Thursday we watch football and on Saturday we cheer on our favorite team at a football game. Ok, so it's Riley and his flag football team. We haven't gone completely sporty over here! This is our first sport since Kolbi tried out Soccer when she was little so it has been a while since I've sat at practices and attended Saturday games. But my game face is on and I am working on remembering the 'football terms' that are so foreign to me. 
Lexi & Riley are on the same team - she is the only girl!
We are so glad Chris is assistant coaching!
I love this shot - I think Lexi is saying 'you think you can take me?!'
Here's a collage of some game shots. They tied their first game and we were so surprised at how they all picked up the game so fast! The teams are all 1st and 2nd graders so for most of the kids this is their first year in football. I'm sure I'll have many more photos to share!

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angel said...

AWESOME! I love it!