Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Projects Update!

Everything has been delivered and opened - now I can post the pics of all the gifts I made this year!
1 - little, tiny cupcake ornaments
2 - a cape for Preston, here it is in action
and this is what the back looks like (Super P!)
3 - an embellished cardigan for Kloe
with my attempt at matching socks (they looked better in my head)
4 & 5 - little plushy pals for Lexi & Lilly
with a little hand embroidery...
and buttons on yo-yos!
6 & 7 - a mom & daughter apron set for Betsy & Tori
Tori is modeling hers here - and I left in Dave's crazy face on purpose!
8 - an appliqued onesie for Elliot
9 - an awesome banner for Shelby!
it has LOTS of glitter!
and 10 - homemade sugar scrub :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Baking

I love to bake - especially this time of year. I will take any excuse to pass out goodies!
Nichole, Carol & I baked all day Tuesday so that we could put together boxes and plates for neighbors and friends.

We ended up with more than enough goodies to go around.
I made these chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies for Riley's class party. We put them together with some chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows then tied up the bag and added a Christmas pencil!

This is a stack of about 80 boxes that the PTO put together for teachers and staff at the school. Each box is filled with baked goods! We had lots of goodie donations so at least we didn't have to do all that baking alone!

And finally, my best purchase this month! I bought this from Amy Powers over at Opensky. It's something like 3600 yards of red & white bakery string. I LOVE it! I have already used it for a million different things. We tied our goodie boxes with it and I'm using it on all the gifts! I love, love, love this string!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I Just Can't Stand It

I've been a busy little elf. Baking, sewing, crafting & so much more. But I just can't handle it anymore! I want to show what I've been up to!! Most of my goodies are going to blog readers so I haven't been sharing. So I decided that I can post just little tiny peeks at the goods. It will tide me over for now.

Christmas Time = Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

O it just wouldn't be Christmas without a gingerbread house. Grandma & Riley tackled that earlier this month. He always wants to go candy heavy and she wants to make it look nice. They made a good compromise!

Then, Kolbi & her friend Matt wanted to try too. I offered no help - they were on their own.
They totally gave up & decided to eat it!

I thought i'd add some pictures of my tree getting decorated. We did this at the very beginning of the month. I love the tree this year, it's in a new place in the house and for the first time since we've been here it is right in front of the window. I just love that. Also, Kolbi & Riley were excellent tree decorators this year. They worked together and got all the ornaments placed very well & didn't fight!
Lewis, the helper.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Train, An Elf & Some Treats

The North Pole Express was fun. I thought it could of been a little fancier but the kids had an absolute blast and that's all that matters. We went to the 'North Pole' and Santa was pretty awesome - he even rode the train back with us so the kids got a little one on one with him. I had camera battery issues and only got a few pics but luckily, Nichole was there to save the day. These are the shots that I did get (and yes, I've already ordered a rechargeable battery for my new camera)!

The 'Elves' and carolers on the train were absolutely wonderful! Stories and songs and tons of fun.

Kolbi & I baked all evening yesterday. She was making goodies to pass out to her friends at school today - I just love that. We made caramel chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cupcakes with almond glaze.
I absolutely can't forget to mention... Minty arrived last night. As is his style, he brought books on his arrival. Wonder what kind of mischief he'll get into tonight?!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

O It's Almost Time For Our Elf!

This package arrived on the 1st!

It's from our Elf, Minty Tinsel Toes, you remember him from last year right?! Riley almost jumped out of his pants when he figured out who it was from. It was a set of advent calendars for Kolbi & Riley to count down the days until Minty arrives. Looks like we are in for some elf mischief starting on the 15th!

{check out her knowing smirk}

And the holiday festivities have totally begun. The night light parade has come and gone. It is full on snowing here and it feels like Christmas! I feel like the month is just slipping through my fingers but I'm trying hard not to let it. We are headed off to do the North Pole Express tonight and Riley will get to meet Santa at the North Pole! We've never been on a train ride so it should be exciting. Kolbi decided not to go -party pooper- so she is going to hang out with Grandma (after she gets off work). Ok, so finishing this post up with some shots from the parade :)
My camera battery died and Riley wouldn't pose for pics so I'm low on kid shots :(

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Milestone

Kolbi is.... 15..... can you believe it???!!! I'm so sad, happy, worried, relieved, proud. It's too much, do you think it will be easier when Riley turns 15? I wonder, maybe it will be harder - o the horror, harder! I can't even think about it!

On to happier topics! We had an mini birthday party - mini decorations, mini hats, mini plates, mini cups, mini pizzas, mini marshmallows to dip in the {not mini} chocolate fountain. It was ADORABLE - if I do say so myself. The teens got a little out of control and made quite the mess but I think it's because Kolbi exudes a free spirit vibe and they think anything is a go, even chocolate all over the kitchen floor. It was messier than Lilly's 5 year old party! By the next day I had mopped my kitchen floor 3 times and it was finally starting to look better.