Saturday, September 26, 2009

Filling Time with Cupcakes, Crafts and Visitors

Things are starting to settle around here. My sister and niece form North Dakota came to visit and see new baby Kloe. Then my nephew's wife, Charlotte and not-so-baby Bryce came in too. It was a busy two weeks and I'm so sad that I didn't take more pictures.
Shelby, Charlotte and Kloe
Here's Bryce exploring my kitchen floor! We hadn't seen him since he was so little and can't believe how much he's grown already.
I made some 'race track' cupcakes for my friend Aimee and they turned out so cute. Anyone planning a hot wheels party??!!
I volunteered to be the PTO vice president for Riley's school - my first job? Decorate the bulletin board, right up my ally! *Welcome banner totally just a version of the one I made for Kloe's baby shower!
Another PTO project! Treats to pass out at the parent night. 

So *whew* there's a lot on my plate. Work, kids, PTO, cleaning, cooking, husband, friends oh, and I wanted to work on getting my recent pictures scrapbooked! I'll be sure to share how on earth I'm going to do it all :)


Priscila said...

oh the little babies are soooo cute and the cupcakes look so good!


Betsy said...

Mel you are awesome they will love having you in pto