Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tied Tutu Tutorial

By request - here is how you make a tied tutu. Perfect for your favorite little girl.
Get some tulle and elastic. For 6 year old little girls 12 yards is perfect (we did 6 purple and 6 black for Lexi's halloween costume). I know from experience that 14 year old little girls need about 18 yards.

A rotary cutter and mat are not necessary but sure are helpful. I have cut the strips with scissors only and it's not the end of the world but if you can get your hands on these tools it is worth it.

Cut the tule into 5 inch thick strips. You will need to decide on the length. For longer tutu's just cut strips don't cut the width of the fabric down.

The only sewing is to attach the elastic to itself.

Now just tie your tulle strips to the band. Alternate the colors or just use one color. This takes about 2 hours and is very static-y. I suggest having a few dryer sheets on hand to tame the static.

The finished product. A supper fluffy tutu.

Here's Tori modeling hers! I forgot to snap of pic of Lexi's on her but this is the same process just done a day later :)

Hope it was explained well enough - feel free to ask questions!

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angel said...

Seriously! You rock always with the helping tutu's, parties, etc, etc, etc!!!