Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Re-Cap

I wish it was still December 20th and the whole Christmas break was ahead of me! Unfortunately time won't stop for me :( The kids go back to school tomorrow and my goal today is to get ready for that. We had such a great holiday with friends and family. We have spent lots of time just hanging out, playing video games and watching movies - my favorite way to spend a break. As usual, I took about a million pictures over the last two weeks. I thought I'd group them up to reminisce about the recent past. First we've got the pics of what our Elf was up to.
He arrived on the 15th and made a little mischief every night. On
e of my favorites was when he wrapped up stuff from our pantry and Riley had to unwrap them and realize the packages were our things not gifts! Followed by the tower of chairs and stools in the living room so that he could hang paper snowflakes from our ceiling fan. Riley's favorite was when he gift wrapped the front door {I thought for sure he was going to pick the game night with his build-a-bears}.

On Christmas Eve out little tradition has become having the Fogle's over so that the kids can open their one gift together. This year they all got pajamas - what a surprise! *wink*wink*

Moving on to the big day. Riley was up at 5am ready to get at those gifts! My rule is usually no waking up earlier than 5 so he was lucky. In the past, Kolbi has tried to wake up as early as 2am! This year Riley was first up and ran around waking everyone else. After the mess, we had a visit with the Johnston's and started getting dinner going. Around 3 the Floyd's and Fogle's showed up for dinner, visiting, playing {the Fogle's brought their new Wii!} and some more gifts.

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