Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Long Awaited Twilight Party

Finally - I got to do a Twilight party! Miss Lexi is just in LoOoOoVE with Edward Cullen {I have no idea where she gets it from}! So for her 7th B-day her mom & I went all out with this Twilight B-day. I really got into this theme, of course, and did lots of cute little extras that made a big splash. Here's the progression in photos...
It starts with an idea and a little computer work.
Next thing ya know there are some invitations!
I made a quick trip to Target & Michaels to get some great Christmas clearance items for decorating!
Then the goodie cones... so cute with tinsel handles :)
The easiest cake I've ever made...
I got an edible image from the bakery and just added it to my own cake!
Of course, the guests of honor!
A wide shot of the fancy dinner party. Since this party was for mostly 7 year olds I went with a fancy dinner theme and left out some more 'vampire-ish' things that you might do for an older girl.
tissue paper pom-poms
I think Sandra Lee would be proud of my table-scape.

Lexi's face says it all...
a group shot with the 'stars'
there I am, serving the girls :)

At last, the cake, it was red velvet...of course!


Babs said...

I love it!

Kim said...

Melanie- this is just magical- I bet she will remember this party for a long, long time. I Love all the apples everywhere :) Fabulous!!!

jenjen said...

Cute cute party! I love everything that you put together for it. Amazing!!!


Obstetricnurse said...

Could you please email me how you made the tissue paper pom poms, thanks!