Monday, December 22, 2008

We LOVE Paper Snowflakes

Our Elf, Minty Tinsel Toes, had the BEST idea on Saturday night. He made about 50 paper snowflakes and hung them from the ceiling fan in the living room and the light fixture in the dining it was snowing, INSIDE!
Riley was very impressed with the snowflakes and asked me if I knew how to make them. Luckily, I remember even though I haven't made them in 'forever'. ;) 

I wasn't sure if this was a project he could handle but he insisted on trying every step himself. He did pretty good. Eventually we did get a good routine of me getting the little triangles ready and he would just cut the shapes out then unfold. Kolbi even jumped in and made some even though she didn't pose for pictures. 

This is what he decided to do with all his snowflakes. Hang them in his room.  This window shelf is right above the foot of his bed and he keeps all his most special things on it. Now it is snowing in his room too.

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