Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daily December -9th

Kolbi painted this for her friend. I snapped a photo of it as she was on her way out the door this morning because I thought it was sooo cute! She has such a great style. Also, I needed to see a happy rainbow this morning. Since Riley was sick yesterday I stayed home until Justin came and didn't get to work until 4:00. Soooo, since I didn't get to work until 4, I stayed until 10:30. Then I had to stop at the store to get some goods since our 'magic elf' should be arriving shortly (more on that later). Since I stopped at the store I didn't get home and ready for bed until about midnight. And I was quickly shocked back into the awake world by Riley getting sick... all over his bed and a little on me, thank you very much. I'm pretty sure that he waited until I got home so that Justin wouldn't have to get up. It goes without saying that he is home again today - I think that if you throw up at midnight it's an automatic no on school the next day.  So I am trying to work from home, although you can see that I am doing more blogging from home than work. Now I'm caught up though, so back to work!!!

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The Empty Envelope said...

Hope all the kids are feeling better soon...We had a couple of rough days with that over Thanksgiving and it started at midnight too.