Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbread Men

If you have these ingredients: 
1 Plate of Gingerbread People (we are so PC)
6 Kids (technically 4 kids, 2 teens)
1 Tub of Icing
LOTS of Sprinkles
Here's what you will end up with: 
some cookies just asking to be decorated (Carol made a whole plate full of naked gingerbread men!)
Even Tanner wanted to join the decorating fun.

Preston did a little more eating than decorating.
*NOTE* Riley insists on taking off his shirt if he will be doing something 'messy'. This includes eating waffles, coloring with markers and as you can see decorating cookies. 
He's not sure if he actually wants the cookie or just the frosting.
"I'll make his face like O!"

So busy decorating. 
Lexi's not messin' around - right for the head!
Must taste the work! Also note those super sprinkled cookies next to Lilly!
I think that cookie has a bathing suit on?! 

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