Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Elf Updates

Well, our troublesome little elf has been busy making mischief around our house at night.  Friday morning we woke up to what I can only guess was his idea of decorating our hallway.  I have to take a little bit of the blame for this one because I really do have too much ribbon - a normal home would not have so much ribbon laying around to do this with...
this is the overall pic - ribbon everywhere
a close up on my now messy ribbon box (ok, it might always look that way)
a close up on the culprit!

This morning Riley was the first person awake and told me that the elf 'didn't make any mischief last night' - I grumbled and rolled over (hey, I like to sleep in on Saturdays!) Shortly after that he came running up stairs saying that he was wrong, the elf did make mischief. I think he must have been hungry because that's a lot of cereal!

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