Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Christmas Highlights

Before it hits 2009 I better talk about our Christmas. We had such a good time, lots of gifts and fun and family. I'm being too lazy to upload all those Christmas pics here as well as myspace so you can check it out there if you really want to see our pics! Kolbi got a little video recorder, it's supposed to be super easy to upload videos to the internet so maybe we'll actually have some video on my blog?! I think that was her fave gift. Riley's fave is probably his mass amount of Star Wars Legos - he's been building and building and building. Although a close second is the Magnetix set that came from Nichole and the gang. Justin's fave - the Encyclopedia of Punk book that we got him.  My fave? hmmm, there are so many! I LOVE my Slice and my luggage and my super cool red purse and the Bettie Page Movie absolutely everything! We decided to buck tradition a little this year and have a steak and potato dinner - which turned out yummy!

There was lots of snow, as you can see from all my daily December pics. It was so different having a white Christmas. Even though this is our third year here it is the first time we've had this much snow on Christmas. A big change from sunny Phoenix! We loved it. 

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