Sunday, December 7, 2008

Daily December 7th

Now I'll be caught up again - yeah! We went to our little downtown area to snap a few Christmas card shots tonight. Many photos were taken and I think there MIGHT be one that will do for our card this year. Instead of one of those family shots I'm choosing this random pic of me because the story is just too funny. Here is me, switching my shoes right in the middle of the downtown walk. Why would I be doing this??? Good question, if you look closely, you will see that my shoe is on the wrong foot! I can't really explain how I got out of my house and all the way through a good 5-8 photos before I realized that my shoes were on the wrong feet! Actually, Justin noticed before me. These boots are super comfy and a little too big so they were not uncomfortable and I chose them because they keep my feet so warm. All I can say is hey - I don't have to drag my whole family out to take photos very often and it requires lots of work on my part because no one but me wants to actually be in a photo. I'm blaming my 'wrong shoe-ness' on everyone else for being so difficult when it comes to getting pics - how totally embarrassing is this?!!!

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Elizabeth said...

LOL that sounds like me. :) I love your title graphic. Super cute!