Monday, December 1, 2008

Joining the Masses

Alright, I finally gave in and joined the Twilight craziness. Kolbi had read the first two books months ago and told me I should read them but I never did get around to it. So with all the movie hoopla I just couldn't put it off anymore. I'm a vampire book fan in general, I've read every single Anne Rice book ever written and loved them. So, of course, I thought there was no way these books could even compare. I do have to admit... I love this story. I read Twilight in less than a week and just finished New Moon in two days. We only have those two so tonight I went out an bought Eclipse - I'll be up late, I'm sure.  Stephenie Meyer can tell a great story and has an amazing way of putting feelings into words. I try to stick to a general rule of reading the book before I see the movie and now that I've read the firs two I will be able to see the movie, I hear it is good too. I'm sure I'll post again on this subject. 

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