Thursday, January 1, 2009

One Resolution

All right, so far the only resolution that I am willing to put in writing is to work on gettin' healthy this year. (That means loose the fat!) I'm off to a good start - we all joined the Y in October and have been going off and on. Justin is doing a way better job at it than me though and it's starting to make me look bad. I was getting so bored with going in and doing the same thing over and over and over and over... Then I found Zumba. It's almost embarrassing but my Y has Zumba, Latin Dance Aerobics classes and I love them! The time flies by and I don't just watch the clock. So I will be adding this to my weekly workout schedule. I do wish that the classes were offered 24/7 though because sometimes I'm so picky. I've roped Nichole in to going with me and Carol came once on my guest pass and might be back. I wish I could make three classes a week but realistically it will probably be two and then I'll have to do the boring workout once. The actual goal is at least three trips to the gym every week - no exceptions! I'm also going to work on the eating better thing, more on that later. 

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