Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Last Minute Art

I wanted to throw this up because I think Riley did such a good job! I got him these little plastic beads that you make designs out of and then iron together at IKEA. Then I showed him a pic from Angel of an ornament she got from a friend this year that was made out of these things. He totally copied it and made me a little Starbucks cup! I was so impressed with how easily he figured it out and of course I love me some Starbucks anything!! We got really creative with these things last night and made rainbows for Kolbi and more coffee cups. 

Also, Riley is really struggling with me going out of town again. So yesterday I threw together a little 'calendar' for him to keep track of the days I will be gone. I really hope this works or Carol, Justin & Kolbi will be tormented with cries of 'I miss my mom' and 'when will mom be home' for days! He drew all the pictures himself to remember what he will be doing on each day. 
By the way, blogging at the Oakland Airport - I sure do appreciate free airport internet! 

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