Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little Boy Getting Big

Last week was a pretty big deal for us. We were all busy with lots of work and stuff to do. Early in the week I decided to take some time out to make Zuchinni Muffins. Everyone loves them and they are 'kind of' good for you so I thougt it would be a good snack to have around for the week. I was not surprised by Riley wanting to help because he often wants to crack an egg. I was surprised by how much he helped though! It's like over night he turned into a helpful and maybe responsible boy?! I was so impressed that I snapped these pics of him working on the muffins.

I registered Riley for kindergarten last week. Riley has been consistently against school for the last several months. I've been dreading having to start talking about school with him, expecting lots of tears and yelling. Someone in the school system must be a genius though because when I signed him up I was sent home with a packet of 'school supplies'. This packet peaked his interest. When Justin tried to talk to him about starting school Riley said he was not going to be going to school (as we expected). There was also some yelling and crying. Shortly after that Grandma started talking to Riley about the school he would be going to and that it had a library, lunchroom and playground. Wow, did that work! He said 'There's a library? I didn't know that!' By the time I got home that evening Riley was telling me all about how he would be going to school and that it would be so fun! Lots of work has been done on the school packet and everytime I see him coloring or cutting on a real school paper I have to stop and just breath so that I don't tear up! I am so proud of how he has changed his mind and is now excited about this. I'm so proud of Kolbi too because even though school is not her favorite place she has pitched in and talked it up to Riley so that he will be excited. Here's a pic of Riley working on one of his school papers and then one of Kindergarten Orientation with Lexi.

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