Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Like to Make Things

Here's some of the projects I completed this weekend..
a layout ... finally
this is the close up of the little envelope in the bottom right
to hang on my wall
Now, for a story.
Last Thursday Riley and I were hanging out at home. It was one of his favorite days when it's 'just us', everyone else is at work or school. We are just enjoying the day, doing some cleaning and cooking. Out of nowhere Riley, very excitedly says "Mom, I know, money does grow on trees". I was a little confused, we hadn't been talking about money at all and I have no idea why he just said that. So, typical mom style I just go "Oh, really?". Then he proceeds to explain to me that yes, money does grow on trees and he knows this because a comercial on the tv told him so. It was on the tv, so it's true. I have since figured out that the culprit is that damn Peachtree Lending comercial where they do say "money does grow on trees". I need to give them a call and ask them to explain to my 5 yr old that there are no money trees. I tried to tell Riley the whole 'not everything you see on tv is true' speach but he pretty much figures that since it was not a cartoon then it is probably true. Now every once in a while he will randomly say "I hope our trees grow money". In about a month when the leaves are on the trees again he's going to be one un-happy camper!

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