Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Weather & New Basic Grey... AHHHH

The Idaho weather was great this weekend. We enjoyed a visit from family and a little playing outside at Nichole's BBQ. I totally slacked on taking pics this is one of the 3 that I snapped. At least Nichole was on it... check out her blog if you are interested - lol.

It had been so chilly lately and warmed up nicely for this BBQ. Now, of course, it has gotten windy again and is going to be a much cooler week. I'm staying positive though because at least it's not 100 already!

Once again it was Scrap Nigh on Sat. I couldn't help myself and used all 3 of the new Basic Grey lines that I've been coveting. Here's the spoils of all my labor...

I might post each inside pic.. what do you think? This Archaic line is adorable.

Cupcake line - what else can I say... soooo cute! Also, it might be a record - these are pics of Riley's real b-day outing from last year... "gasp" scrapped before this years b-day!

Finally, I think this one is Sultry. This page finished off my b-day pages from last week. You really can find me sporting this Ace of Cakes apron everytime I'm in the kitchen.

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Chris and Nichole said...

Yay new scrapbook lines!!! Now it's my turn next weekend to make something great out of all that cute new paper! Maybe you should do a slideshow of your Dino book!