Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Creative Juices

We spent all day Sunday in the backyard. It was such a beautiful day and my yard definately needed some love! So we all (except Kolbi - she "doesn't like gardening") spent the day mowing, weeding, cleaning and planting. We have big garden plans this year. Last year we planted two tomato plants and wholy cow, at the end of the season this is what we were left with:So this year we are going to do an entire herb garden as well as zuchinni, pumpkin, lettuce, tomato, peppers and whatever else we can get in the ground! I've also started a little catnip for Steve - he loves that stuff. It was a lot of fun and now my yard is beautiful and BBQ ready!

Now, I just had to post a pic of this purse that I made a few weeks ago! I have a ton of purse patterns, I love the idea of making my own purses. This adorable cherry fabric had been bought about 6 months ago and promplty cut out into a purse pattern. That's where it stayed for 6 months. I randomly decided to complete it the other day (with a little help from Carol) and I'm soooo happy with the results! I've been carrying it around since. The green inside makes it!
And finally, my most recent creation. Thank you Angel and Tonia for the idea! I taught this class at Scrapadoodles last week and am selling kits for it like crazy. I especially love the paper. It's Basic Grey's Boxer line and sooo pretty. It's hanging in the scrap store for now but will eventually make a great addition to my kitchen wall! When I hang it up I want to trade the white paper on the side for a coat of chalk board paint - cute!

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