Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some PTO Projects

So, I'm very involved with PTO at Riley's school... not news, I know. This summer we decided to remodel the teacher's lounge as a 'welcome back' gift for our hardworking teachers. I will do a full post on that soon, when all of our finishing touches are done and I get pics. But for now I wanted to share the canvas I made for the lounge.
We wanted to do a nice quote to hang on the entry wall, but on a small budget. I picked the quote: "Learning is a treasure that will follow it's owner everywhere." Don't you just love it? It makes me tear up :) So, I took a big canvas that was laying around my house waiting for inspiration and painted it a dark red color (This is the main wall color in the lounge). I could of cut out some vinyl letters but wanted something more swirly, I had a specific font in mind. It was a little trial and error but what I finally came up with is this:
1. Print your saying out in the size you want it on cheap, thin printer paper.
2. Cut up your words and get your placement right.
3. Now trace the words on the back of the paper with chalk.
4. Place the words back on the canvas and trace each letter on the front of the paper.
5. Voila! When you lift the paper you will see a pretty clear chalk outline of your quote in the specific font you've chosen!
6. I then painted my quote with one of the trim colors we used in the room so it would be all matchy-matchy.
This project only took about 2 hours start to finish (including dry time for the 1st coat). Pretty quick if you ask me! We have plans for 2 more canvases that I will tackle this week.

Also for PTO, I'm in charge of the teacher treats this year (can you think of a better position for me?!!) I made this huge bag of tiny Chinese takeout boxes to distribute. They say 'we are fortunate to have you as a teacher' and they are filled with fortune cookies.

We have about 90 teachers and staff that we like to pass out treats to and this project was perfect - quick and fun. I got the inspiration for the tag online but can't find the blog again! I'll look some more and post as soon as I find it.

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