Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Fancy Serving Trays

In case you haven't seen these all over blog-land - this is my try at dollar store trays! I am working on a fun, cute teacher treat day for the school and thought it was the perfect excuse to make the trays I've seen on about a million blogs.

Start with a visit to the Dollar Tree and pick up an array of trays and candlesticks. Then pick up some spray paint primer and cute colors.
Primer first - hopefully this will help the color stick!
Then I went color crazy, I'm going for bright and cheerful. I also sprayed clear coat to help protect from scratches.
Then I stacked and re-stacked until I found the combination that I was looking for.
Voila! An awesome collection of co-ordinating trays for my treat day! I'm using them tomorrow so I'll snap pics of them in action ;) Now go make some for yourself!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I have not seen this before- but oh my goodness I want to make some NOW! What a fab idea- thanks for sharing your steps so I can try it out :)