Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guess Who Got A Cricut?

O, how in the world have I lived without this? My awesome friends & family pitched in and got me a Cricut Expression for my *ugh* 34th Birthday last month. Two of my girls have one already and we used them for our big PTO door decorating project at the end of school last year. That's when I realized that yes, I probably needed one. Of course I just keep talking about it though! So their awesome idea has made me so happy and here is project #1:

A happy birthday sign for Ms. Kloe who turned 1 yesterday! O, the fun that we had making stuff for this owl themed party. So, let's see.... big owl, some letters, little owls, cute saying - perfect!

Wait! Gotta add a cute border!

O, of course I must stickle like crazy. (Seriously, like crazy, my hand was sore for days)

The glittery goodness of a birthday sign!!
In all it's glory at the party...paired up with my little felt owls that I made like 2 years ago, wow was I planning ahead or what?!!

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Amber said...

Oh I just love it! And you are going to love your circuit! I love mine!!