Friday, April 3, 2009

We Did Make It Home

Ha! I just realized that my last post was 'not home yet'. Thought I'd better at least post to say we did make it. The plane was 30 mins. late and we were exhausted by the time we got home but we did make it. Want to know a secret? I'm still not unpacked! There has been too much going on this week and I just haven't gotten a hold of unpacking and organizing. Today though, I plan to do that AND put up my Easter decorations. I can't believe I haven't done that yet! This will be a rare post of no photos - I'll do a photo intensive Boston post later. Also, I've been adding some adorable new Easter papers to the work website and am working on a mini scrapbook to show off the new stuff for the work blog. So that's coming soon too. I will rally all my super powers now and be off to get my to do list of about a million things DONE!

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Kathy Spann said...

Jarrad and Pauline loved their Boston trip