Sunday, March 15, 2009

Phoenix Visitors

Day 1 and 2 shots

We were so excited for Angel, Aidan and Elliot to come and visit us here in Idaho! Riley tells me all the time that he misses his best friend Aidan and I just was dying having not met Elliot yet! They came in around lunchtime on Thursday so we just visited and hung out at the house for the first day. Then headed off to the mall with the Fogle's for our grand Friday plan. 

Day 3 and 4 shots
On Saturday Angel, Elliot and I snuck away for some Starbucks girlfriend time! We used to spend a lot of time talking and drinking frappuccino's in Phoenix. We brought Elliot along but the boys hung out at the house and played legos all day. Sunday we celebrated Preston's third birthday. I'm so glad that all the kids could be together for the party, there was lots of playing and giggling going on. It even snowed for a little bit and the kids jumped on the trampoline in the snow. 

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