Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tonight I'm packing. Justin and I are headed out to Boston tomorrow...
We will be selling lots of scrapbooks (buy your own here) and doing a fair amount of sight seeing. I'm also excited to go to Salem - yay! I will be taking several scrapbook classes while I'm there so prepare for lots of scrap talk when I get back. 

Now, because I feel that it is totally worth mentioning... Twilight came out on DVD (and if you don't know this you may not be able to be my friend anymore). Don't worry, I got my own copy and here is a crappy photo taken with my cell phone to prove it. 

I've already watched it several times. I got the groovy one from Target that came with a free iTunes download so it is even on the laptop & iPod now. I am so complete :)

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