Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I have a few things that I am obsessed with and feel the need to share.  
First there is paper
Second there is fabric
Third is Twilight. 
This is the most recent of my obsessions. I've been living with the others for many years now and everyone around me is used to them. This new one is still taking my family and friends a little time to get used to. I mention something Twilight related at least once a day and Justin didn't think that my joke of Edward watching us sleep was as hilarious as I did. (Seriously, if you were walking by the life-sized Edward cardboard cutout you would say "Let's buy that so I can put it next to the bed and he can watch me sleep" too.) Everyone should read the Twilight books and then become crazy like me. This crazy includes listening to Twilight podcasts and checking up on Twilight blogs and websites regularly. Not to mention seeing the movie, reading the books and maybe...just maybe going to the midnight DVD release. Only if I can convince Kolbi to go with me and pretend like she's into Twilight and I'm just a super cool but not a crazy Twilight obsessed mom. Anyway If you want to be like me you should check out one of my favorite blogs Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict it's one of my favorite reads. Feel free to comment about how not crazy my love of Twilight is ;)

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Katie said...

Ok...I'm reading back in your blog, and wanted to comment before I forgot what I wanted to say! LOL...Hi! I'm Katie, and I saw you on my followers list, so I thought I'd pop over and see what your up to.....My daughter is a Twilight nut, lol.....and so is my bf, hahaha! I can't say I haven't watched it a million times either, and I have thought of doing Edwards room! You must do it!!! It's calling your name, can't you hear it, lol! LOL...Mini are so addicting! I started with fabric, then paper, then clay...and now minis, You'll see how it happens, lol!!! It is very nice to meet you!