Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just A Little Rundown

Since I'm up, thought it would be a good time to update. Valentine's Day was interrupted by sickness at my house. I had somewhat grand plans of a nice, homemade dinner and was too stuffy and sneezy to make it! Instead we got pizza for the kids and Justin and I ran out for a quick, quiet dinner. BUT I regrouped and made my dinner on Sunday - it was just as yummy as it would have been on Saturday. 
Bacon wrapped, rosemary chicken - french bread - cauliflower with cheese sauce & garlic mashed potatoes.

Then on Monday I had the guilt because it was a 4 day weekend for the kids and we hadn't done anything fun. I'm the only one who has been sick and they had to suffer. So I ran into work early and picked up Lexi on the way home. Riley & Lexi had a play day and made these little perler bead creations (I've figured out what they are called since my last few posts).

Kolbi and I watched The Secret Life of Bees while they played - good movie! Turned out to be a fun day. 

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