Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just a Quick Creative Note

While browsing the webz last night I stumbled across the most adorable blog ever. The ideas over there are endless. Check out the Allsorts blog, artist Jenny B. Harris. I'm pretty sure I'll be pulling out the felt and making some of the projects on this blog!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Baby

Oh yeah - it's the day I plan for all year long. No way to be able to post ON Black Friday because I was gone ALL day.  Here's the recipe to a great day....
You gotta wake up really early - we decided 4am would do it.

Don't forget the coffee - lots of it!
A money tree is a good idea, if you have access to one, anyway
then be prepared to fight ALOT of crazy shoppers just like you to get that perfect gift!
good thing Target opens an hour later than Walmart so that I could get 
Kolbi the BEST present ever!

and then on to the mall - well, a stop at Toys R Us and Cracker Barrel for some yummy breakfast first. So many stores, so many deals and only one day to take full advantage.
Here's a shot of the trunk of my van (this was BEFORE we were done!)
This shot was at the mall and then we went on to Costco, Bath & Body Works (twice), JoAnn and Walmart (for the second time) then a stop a Costco (again) to pick up some pizza for dinner. We wrapped it up a little early this year and I was home with the dinner by 7pm. Can't wait for next year's day of shopping!

Happy Thanksiving

We asked all the kids what they were thankful for. Riley said pizza which quickly made Lexi, Lilly and Kolbi say pizza too. Upon more explanation we got some really great answers. Lexi really got into it and was thankful for so much, "her brother when he hugs her when she's sad" (Nichole said that was funny because he was probably the one that made her cry) she was also thankful for "Melanie to invite her over for Thanksgiving dinner" (I thought that was adorable).  Riley stuck with pizza for most of the day and then in the evening came up with he was thankful for his mom and his grandma and his dad when mom is not around (I know, he's such a momma's boy). Kolbi is thankful for her family. Now let's talk about shopping.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You Ali Edwards

Ok, so here's the idea. Make a December Daily album. Take one photo every day in December and put it in an album. (That's the simple version) For some great inspiration and a more detailed description of this project check out Ali Edwards Daily December Post - this is her idea after all. At first I was like a photo every day? No prob! I've been mulling it over for a few weeks now and decided that it may be difficult. I'm going to have to make sure to have the camera handy at all times and I'm going to probably have to use the cell phone camera on occasion. I'm not sure what direction my album will take yet - family, traditions, my personal schedule, my favorite things. I will have to see what pictures I end up taking. Many of the girls on the scrap message boards are making their albums now so that they can just add photos. We'll see if I get that on top of it - if I do I will for sure post pics. Alright, so who's going to do this with me?????

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Must for Moms

I ordered this book on Amazon - run, don't walk, to buy this book. It is just adorable. I can't wait to read it to my kids (yes, especially Kolbi).  Nichole and I were browsing the book aisle in Target one day and came across this book. So far, no one that I've showed it to could keep a dry eye. I will admit it, I totally cried in the middle of Target. 


Well, we had Kolbi's (early) birthday party on Friday/Saturday. Below are some pics of her bestest friends - and I sure did learn a lot:
my kid is NOT the goofiest 8th grader ever
pink tutus are totally acceptable to wear to the mall
8th graders have cooler cell phones than me
'there's a party in my tummy' is not just a pre-school song
helium balloons - what was I thinking?!
Kolbi is so funny
my kid picks pretty cool friends
apparently my house has the best food
no matter how much soda I bought it wouldn't have been enough
little brothers will always annoy their sisters, even if the friends like him
little cousins (Lexi, Lilly & Preston) however, are ok 
I think I might be a cool mom 
and finally,
I can't believe Kolbi is growing up...

watching a movie

a little pose before going outside

loving this 'Nightmare' cake

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wow, i've totally been slacking on the blog front. If anyone ever wants to hear from me again you should all band together and help me figure out how to help my work website: . We need an overhaul and it is soooo overwhelming to tackle a project like this. If you know anyone who can shed some light on the SEO, Google Search, Web Design pool that I've been swimming in... PLEASE send them my way!!!

Nichole came over and brightened my day with an adorable craft project with the kids yesterday. But, I did have to go to work after. Also, looking forward to Kolbi's early b-day party this weekend. Three girls and Kolbi overnight?! hmmm, hope I make it through. I'm sure I'll have some very colorful pics to post. Here's pics of the Ornament Project from Nichole: