Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You Ali Edwards

Ok, so here's the idea. Make a December Daily album. Take one photo every day in December and put it in an album. (That's the simple version) For some great inspiration and a more detailed description of this project check out Ali Edwards Daily December Post - this is her idea after all. At first I was like a photo every day? No prob! I've been mulling it over for a few weeks now and decided that it may be difficult. I'm going to have to make sure to have the camera handy at all times and I'm going to probably have to use the cell phone camera on occasion. I'm not sure what direction my album will take yet - family, traditions, my personal schedule, my favorite things. I will have to see what pictures I end up taking. Many of the girls on the scrap message boards are making their albums now so that they can just add photos. We'll see if I get that on top of it - if I do I will for sure post pics. Alright, so who's going to do this with me?????

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