Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Baby

Oh yeah - it's the day I plan for all year long. No way to be able to post ON Black Friday because I was gone ALL day.  Here's the recipe to a great day....
You gotta wake up really early - we decided 4am would do it.

Don't forget the coffee - lots of it!
A money tree is a good idea, if you have access to one, anyway
then be prepared to fight ALOT of crazy shoppers just like you to get that perfect gift!
good thing Target opens an hour later than Walmart so that I could get 
Kolbi the BEST present ever!

and then on to the mall - well, a stop at Toys R Us and Cracker Barrel for some yummy breakfast first. So many stores, so many deals and only one day to take full advantage.
Here's a shot of the trunk of my van (this was BEFORE we were done!)
This shot was at the mall and then we went on to Costco, Bath & Body Works (twice), JoAnn and Walmart (for the second time) then a stop a Costco (again) to pick up some pizza for dinner. We wrapped it up a little early this year and I was home with the dinner by 7pm. Can't wait for next year's day of shopping!

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Chris and Nichole said...

FuN times!!! Can't wait til next year!