Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, we had Kolbi's (early) birthday party on Friday/Saturday. Below are some pics of her bestest friends - and I sure did learn a lot:
my kid is NOT the goofiest 8th grader ever
pink tutus are totally acceptable to wear to the mall
8th graders have cooler cell phones than me
'there's a party in my tummy' is not just a pre-school song
helium balloons - what was I thinking?!
Kolbi is so funny
my kid picks pretty cool friends
apparently my house has the best food
no matter how much soda I bought it wouldn't have been enough
little brothers will always annoy their sisters, even if the friends like him
little cousins (Lexi, Lilly & Preston) however, are ok 
I think I might be a cool mom 
and finally,
I can't believe Kolbi is growing up...

watching a movie

a little pose before going outside

loving this 'Nightmare' cake

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linda said...

I can't believe how old she is, I remember when she was born. Boy that makes me feel old. Cool cake!