Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksiving

We asked all the kids what they were thankful for. Riley said pizza which quickly made Lexi, Lilly and Kolbi say pizza too. Upon more explanation we got some really great answers. Lexi really got into it and was thankful for so much, "her brother when he hugs her when she's sad" (Nichole said that was funny because he was probably the one that made her cry) she was also thankful for "Melanie to invite her over for Thanksgiving dinner" (I thought that was adorable).  Riley stuck with pizza for most of the day and then in the evening came up with he was thankful for his mom and his grandma and his dad when mom is not around (I know, he's such a momma's boy). Kolbi is thankful for her family. Now let's talk about shopping.....

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