Sunday, November 22, 2009

"You Are My Life Now"

...words from Twilight - feels like it after this weekend! In case you don't know, New Moon came out this weekend. Long awaited and the release consumed most of my weekend (ok, maybe even most of my week). Nichole and I were one of the crazies that went to the Thursday midnight opening. We went with a huge group of fellow Edward lovers - there was about 30 of us. It was a crazy, fun night and I got more than a few embarrassing shots!

Then I babysat for the Fogle kids while the Fogle parents had a date night (to see what else, New Moon, of course). Lexi is totally in love with Edward so I brought my copy of Twilight and some New Moon crowns from Burger King. I was definitely a favorite that night. After we watched the movie she drew pics of Edward and Bella all night long!

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