Friday, November 13, 2009

Time Flies

It's getting to be that crazy busy time of year. I'm taking a moment to figure out where November has gone.

I spent an afternoon hanging out with my friend Betsy making pinwheels - fun times.

We went to a roller skating Birthday party. Savanna helped Riley do his skating and Kolbi helped Savanna's sister, Kaitlyn skate!

Last weekend Riley decided he wanted to organize his legos. Holy cow, what a job that was! By the end of the day (and lots of help from Dad, Kolbi & Savanna) they were all organized by color in separate boxes!

We had parent teacher conferences and since Riley is doing well I picked him up a new book at the school book fair. Here he is reading on the trampoline...
and reading while feeding baby Kloe!
And here are the other Fogles keeping busy with a craft.

Then randomly the other day Riley wanted his mohawk put up in spikes - so cute!

My list of things to do gets longer everyday, Kolbi's birthday will be soon but before that we have to tackle Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Nichole's birthday land's on BF this year - we are so looking forward to that. Then Christmas and then Lexi's birthday, which we just decided should be Twilight themed. O that reminds me - NEW MOON on the 20th *YAY* Nichole and I have already bought our tickets! So I predict lots of party posts and pictures, as always.

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