Monday, November 2, 2009

We Survived Halloween - LOOONG Post

Well, I sure am glad that week is over! I do love Halloween and school treats and getting the kids dressed up but it was such a busy week. There has been no time to re-cap so here goes. On Saturday we headed out to Linder Farms which is our favorite pumpkin patch.
Then Tuesday we held our annual pumpkin carving night. It was a little thrown together but the turn out was great and I think the pumpkins came out awesome!
Right into the party rush - baking and crafting and voila!
Now, we did host a birthday party for Lilly at our house on SaturDAY but this post is about Halloween only so right on to Saturday NIGHT - lots of trick or treating and candy! Kolbi went with her friends only this year so I didn't get very many pictures of her :( I'm making a note for next year to follow the teenagers around with a camera.

Kolbi is a rockstar and Riley is Snake Eyes from GI Joe

My little trick or treater, always sure to be at the front of the pack.
The group of us, Fogles, Johnstons, Bakes & Farrells!
The candy haul.

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