Monday, August 25, 2008

My Birthday Week

Well, it's over. My birthday was Saturday and my week of 'all about me' has come to an end. It was a great birthday for me starting with a tattoo (my gift from Justin) and ending with a full day at the Lake on Sunday. Here's some highlights...
I love my new tattoo and will soon be adding two more stars to it (I feel like the one is lonely).
We had a nice birthday dinner on Friday at Red Robin. Just so you know, when you turn in the birthday email they absolutely will sing and embarrass you! I was under the impression that someone at the table would have to request it and boy, was I mistaken! I did have a very delicious California Chicken Burger - my favorite there!

Riley lead me by hand through our neighborhood to the coffee shop on the corner for my 'surprise' coffee on Saturday morning. This was so cool because it was his idea and he was so proud of himself for coming up with my present!
My birthday box arrived from Angel and it rocked! LOVE my Macayo's salsa :)

Saturday evening was full of so much fun with the girls. We had a dinner before scrap night and they went all out with a cake and wonderful gifts! I don't have pics from that night though because I think they are on Aimee or Nichole's camera... I'll have to work on that. There was even a 'guest gift' from Sandy - a so cool pin-up girl book (to add to the Bettie Page lunch box she sent earlier in the week)!

To round off the weekend we spent all day Sunday at Owyhee Reservoir on the boat. I took so many pics and here are some of them...

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linda williams said...

Happy late birthday. I hope it was a good one, sounds like it was. Cute tatoo. If I ever got one it would be a star also. Miss ya.