Thursday, May 27, 2010

They Just Keep Growing Up

It was the last day of school today. Riley will start the 2nd grade next year and Kolbi goes on to her Sophomore year. Wow. I have been so active in Riley's school this year and it was really sad to see it end. I was there pretty much all day today with treats, parties and a teacher luncheon. It was totally an emotional day - it caught me off guard because I've been counting down the days 'till summer! I think it was emotional for Riley too. This morning Riley told me he just wished he could see his librarian one more time because he will miss her and wants to give her another good bye hug. It got me all choked up. Then he told his teacher that he wished she could teach him 2nd grade next year. He's so dang sweet!
I was in the class delivering these, Lego cupcakes
and I was able to snap a pic of the last lesson.. :(
Here's the candy bouquet that we put together for Mrs. Tomlinson. All year I thought she didn't eat sugar because Riley TOLD me that she didn't eat sugar. Then I find out that she totally eats sugar. So we made up for not sending candy all year with this.
We went ahead and passed out Riley's birthday invitations today. His party isn't until June 12th but I figured this was a good chance to invite all of his friends from school. Angel sent me these invitations all printed up and ready to go - can we say AWESOME-EST FRIEND EVER?!

Last week we went to Boise for a Kolbi photo shoot. She is anti-school pictures so I found that I had a ton of Riley pics and none of Kolbi to send out to family and friends. We just went out and took our own. They came out so cute too!

It's hard to pick a favorite - these are my top 3. She took a ton of really great shots though and it was a fun day.

We also took several candids:
Riley thought he was in National Treasure - had us walking around, searching for 'clues'.
I even convinced them to take a pic....TOGETHER!
...and the cutest pic of Kolbi and Savanna :)

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