Monday, August 24, 2009

Cupcakes & Cars

Huge, rainbow colored cupcakes that is. Last week was Kolbi's friends birthday and we put together this super sized cupcake cake for her. Of course, it was rainbow with some sugar sprinkles on top - turned out cute! Not sure how it tasted though because they didn't save me a piece!

And on the Hot Rod front...
Check it out, it's like a real vehicle now. I tried to find a before pic to post but we've had the Hot Rod for so long that the coming home pics are not on this computer! I will see what I can dig up for a full Hot Rod story at some point. Anyway, it drives now. Even has a license plate! Here is Kolbi & her friend trying to look cool in the back.  

And here is Riley trying to push it up the driveway. There was a little 'accident' that involved running out of gas and it had to be pushed home. All I did was snap a few pics - no pushing cars for me!

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angel said...

LOVE THE CAKE (and the car ;)! Did you use a cupcake cake pan? I need you to come out here and make Elliot's bday cake!