Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Little Piece Of Scrapbook Paradise

Well we started the weekend off by loading up way too much stuff in my van! This is what it takes to support 3 women and their habit for 4 days. 

It was only an hour and a half away so we got there pretty quick. 

So surprised by how beautiful it is up in the mountains. We rented this cabin and it had a great little basement totally perfect for all of our scrapping!

It was a little rainy so there were no problems with staying in our pj's and scrapping all day! We did make it out for a walk and even saw an elk. 

There was a little craziness going on!

 Some lounging... 

and a lot of creating! I still have all my stuff in a pile in the scrap room so I'll have to post my pics on that later. It was great, we had a blast and I wish I could do it every weekend :)

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