Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And The Time Flies Again

Another week has flown by and I have not found any extra minutes to update. I took a random day trip to Silver City to snap some vintage photos with Aimee and Nichole. Then had to turn around and run right out to a 2-day trip to Seattle with Nichole. We went on a mass fabric hunt for some new scrapbook designs. Tons of great ideas is what we came back with, can't wait to get some of them on books! I've only been to Seattle one other time and I just love it there so much. I like rain-y days and overcast skies so it's right up my ally. Nichole and I ran non-stop while we were there in order to pack as much into our short trip as possible. Here are a few photo highlights of our shenanigans. (They uploaded in all sorts of a crazy order so i'm going with it and just narrating along the way)

Some of the prettiest flowers ever, must be all the rain.
Check it out, I'm touching the space needle!
The Seattle Aquarium
A pic of Nichole and I at the Aquarium
Pike Place Market is the greatest place ever...
some fresh fish anyone?
we took a ride on the ferry 
a yummy coffee shop breakfast
a shot by the needle again
The beginning of our trip, a ride on the bus!!
A good shot of the Market

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linda said...

I love Seattle, I have been there twice and would move there if I could. Love the quaint little shops and of course the food. Looks like you had lots of fun.