Monday, February 14, 2011

That's Right.. V-Day 2011 & I'm Back!

No time for explanations, let's just say I'm a busy girl (I'm holdin' on to calling myself a girl until I'm at least 50+, don't judge me!). So, anyway, it's Februray 2011 and I'm getting back on the blog bandwagon... how in the world will I ever make my blog book if I skip out for months at a time and let it disappear?! It's very possible I will do a huge re-cap post. It's very possible I will not. It is unclear as of yet.

I thought in honor of one of my fave days I'll do a list of things I heart....

I ♥ my man... Justin. There are not enough words to explain why... I just do with all my heart.

I ♥ my kiddos. They are awesome. Funny, adorable, witty, loving, sweet usually but feisty as well. I don't know how we did it but they are pretty great kids.

I ♥ my Cricut... so far it is used for school projects almost exclusively but I look forward to a day where I will actually use it for something around my house.

I ♥ my ipod full of crazy, eclectic music. Where else could you hear back to back old N
ew Kids, Eminem, Social D, The Rent Soundtrack and Johnny Cash?! Nowhere but my iPod I tell ya!

I ♥ my cell phone for giving me the freedom to go where-ever, when-ever and always be able to check my email, facebook as well as get all my calls and texts.

I ♥ DVR... O, it is sent down from heaven to save me from my chains to the television. It doesn't even matter that I have the entire season of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice sitting on it and haven't watched one. The point is that when I am ready... they are there.

I ♥ Netflix and it's instant watch capability. How would I ever watch all the HBO and Showtime shows with out it?!

I ♥ brownie batter... even more than the brownies themselves. Baking is great... but the batter is the whole reason I'm there.

I ♥ my girlfriends. From the PTO moms to friends left behind in AZ to my girls I hang out with every day to long lost friends I chat with on facebook. What would I do with out this amazing network of friends who care and are funny and will always be down for a quiet night gossiping or night on the town!

I ♥ my long list of podcasts that I listen to literally every day. This American Life (Ira Glass can do no wrong!), Savage Love, NPR Fresh Air, The Adam Carolla Show, Stuff You Missed In History and a ton more but seriously love me some podcasts.

I ♥ making dinner for friends and family on a Sunday evening. I can't think of many things that are as relaxing and fun as this.

There are so many more things but if I'm making a best of list this is it for sure. Now to share Riley's AWESOME valentine cards this year...
Little boxes of sweethearts in a iPhone looking wrapper. Adorable-ness. You should see Riley pretending to flip through the apps!

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