Monday, June 21, 2010

The LEGO Birthday Party

I have to say that this might have been my favorite birthday party to prepare for. The LEGO theme is just so fun - primary, bright colors, fun crafts and a built in project - a recipe for success. The party turned out awesome. This first pic is just the set up (before anything got messed up! ha ha)
I did a ballon wreath that was so fun and turned out awesome. I got the directions from here.
My wreath was complimented by a welcome to the LEGO party sign that has the tiny-est banner hanging one it! I just love the little banner, it's a Maya Road set if anyone is interested. I am so lucky because my friend, Angel, sent me a huge box of LEGO party stuff to use and the contest sign came out of that box. So did the big LEGO Pinata - that was a hit and held a ton of candy. Riley's grandma, Carol, made the cake for us - the little LEGO guys are 'building' a 7. We had a make your own LEGO ring station, that was a hit! I ordered the ring bases from Artchix Studio and then ordered the little flat red pieces to glue to the top from Then we had a 'guess how many LEGO's' game, the answer was 377 ;). The most popular guess was 50 but the winning little girl, Tori, guessed 300 - good job Tori! I set up the table with mini water bottles covered with strips of LEGO paper that I bought from my work, I also used that paper to make the little LEGO guy thank you's. Months ago, I let Riley 'design' a lego guy and we ordered enough pieces to make 30 of them. I turned these into the party favors. We ordered all the little guy parts from the pick-a-brick section of the Lego website. I put my cool old suitcase to use holding the favors. I ordered paper straws from etsy and built a little LEGO holder for them. Finally I put together a Happy Birthday Riley banner with the lego paper and some crepe paper. I also made some super easy LEGO banners that you can only see in some of the photo's below - just some squares, circles and a little ink on the edges - voila!

We had a great turn out for it being almost a month after school was out. The LEGO contest table was the most popular spot. I had the kids build creations and then gave out little certificates for what was most unique about each one. The boys & girls hung out at this table just building and building and building. The rings were a hit too - at one point Preston had a ring on every finger of both hands! It was so cute and I can't believe we didn't take a picture of it :( So it was just an awesome day - my Riley had a great 7th birthday and I'm so happy!

I have lots to post about, including an Oscar Mayer sponsored BBQ from this past weekend. But I do have a busy schedule the next few weeks. My brother is coming in to town this week so hopefully I get my other posts up first otherwise it will be a while!!


miniannalee said...

I love the Lego themed birthday party. I'm still a huge fan of legos. I just wanted to complement you on an amazing party set up. Can I borrow your decorations for my 31st birthday? lol


Baker Family said...

Hi, I was looking for a lego party, and found your blog. I am your newest follower :)



Jennifer Popp said...

Would you share a more detailed picture of your lego thank you card? It looks amazing.