Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little This...A Little That

I decided it was time for my Valentine wreath to come down and my front door looked very lonely. So I made this burlap wreath that everyone in blog-land has been making. I got my idea from this blog but I've seen them on a ton of blogs so the inspiration is out there. I made a burlap banner too (so cute - thanks Tatertots & Jello) but I think I'm going to add a few more pieces to it before posting the pics.
Last weekend we were at the mall and I let Riley talk me into getting him one of those Zhu Zhu pets that are everywhere! I was buying jewelry for Kolbi at Claires and he was so bummed that there was nothing for him there until he saw those little hamsters. He did insist for about 10 minutes that they were guinea pigs until I pointed out where it said hamster on the box. Anyway, I have to admit they are kinda cute - and fake, so no pet mess!
Also last week, Justin took Kolbi to get her ears stretched. She actually didn't even have to go thru any pain since she wears big 'ol dang-ly earrings and her ears holes were already big. They just popped the bigger size in. She has been wanting this for a while though and was so excited!
Last but so not least, I shot this pic when I got back from CHA. They are showing off the chef hats and suckers that I brought back for them - but more importantly - they are hugging!


Babs said...
might try this one for St. Pattys.

Kim said...

ahhh, so sweet when the kids get along :) Love your wreath!!